Meek Mill Reportedly Claims Protein Shakes Caused Failed Drug Test



Meek Mill’s probation violation reportedly due to failed drug test.

Meek Mill is facing the prospect of returning to prison for violating
probation related to a crime he committed nine years ago. Some have speculated that he violated probation when he traveled to the American Music Awards, which took place in L.A. on

November 22. But according to TMZ , he failed a drug test, and Meek is reportedly claiming that cause he failed the test due to his excessive consumption of protein shakes.

Legal documents reportedly reveal that Meek failed the drug test when he handed the lab technician a vial full of cold water rather than urine. Meek and his lawyers are arguing that his urine looked like water because of the protein shakes he drinks on a regular basis and the large volume of water he had consumed immediately prior submitting to that particular drug test.

Nicki Minaj supported Meek’s protein shake claim during her testimony, insisting that Meek does not do drugs.


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