Man kills 2-year-old daughter after she interrupted his video game


A 31 year old Texas man, Anthony Michael
Sanders was charged on Friday with capital murder
for biting and smothering his two-year-old daughter
in a ‘fit of rage’ after she interrupted his video-
game playing on December 12, 2015.
Sanders killed his daughter, Ellie Sanders while her
mom was out of the house at an art show.
According to an arrest warrant, Sanders had been caring
for his two children all day beginning about 10 a.m. while
his wife was out.
When his wife returned, about 8:30 p.m., Sanders was in
the living room with their 5 year old son and he told his wife
that their daughter was sleeping.
30 minutes after the mum arrived, their son tried to wake
the toddler up but she wouldn’t wake up so he ran to tell
his parents that his sister wouldn’t wake up, Sgt. Jason
Babcock, a police spokesman. told the Star-
Thinking that her daughter was just sleeping, the
mother told him to let her rest. At 10pm, the
father went to check on their daughter to make
sure she was fine. That was when he found out
she was not breathing and started
shouting for his wife to call 911. Emergency
services arrived almost immediately and rushed her
to the hospital


Unfortunately, Ellie was pronounced dead at
the hospital at 10:10pm, but doctors suspected
foul play when they found bruising on her body,
around the eyes, blood behind one ear and bite
marks that could have come from an adult human.
In an interview with the police, Sanders provided no
explanation for the injuries, Babcock said.
“He has no idea what happened,” Babcock said
Sanders told police. “He just went back there and
she wasn’t breathing.”
Sanders told police several times that he had checked on
Ellie and even changed her diaper about 30 minutes before
his wife arrived home. He told police the girl “appeared fine
and was up watching television in the bedroom laughing,”
the affidavit states.
Police charged Sanders with capital murder after the
Tarrant County medical examiner’s office ruled that the
girl’s death was a homicide caused by asphyxiation. He
was jailed on Friday with bail set at $1 million.
“Anthony, by his own admission, was the only adult
that was in the residence during the time the injuries
were inflicted upon his daughter which caused her
death,” Detective B. McComis wrote in the affidavit.
She was ultimately killed, police say, when Sanders
put his hand over her mouth and asphyxiated her.
‘Just a fit of rage-type deal, anger,’ Babcock told the
‘He’s very involved in computer gaming,’ he
continued. ‘That’s something he did constantly. She
may have interrupted him somehow. His day may
have been interrupted.’
Court records show Sanders was charged in July 2011 with
choking the girl’s mother, whom he later married. The case,
however, was ‘no-billed’ in August 2011, records show.
After Ellie’s death, Child Protective Services took custody of
her brother, now 6. He has been placed in the care of a
relative, CPS spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales said Friday
Source: The Star-Telegram


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