Jeezy Addresses Trump and Tupac Comparisons

The Snowman says no to Trump.

Before dropping Trap or Die 3 , Jeezy paid “The Breakfast Club” a visit and things got political.

During a 43-minute long interview, Young Jizzle discussed a variety of topics, including Donald Trump, who he’s compared to Tupac Shakur.

“[Trump is] the hottest person in politics,” Jizzle explained. “Had
he dropped an album right now, he’d go diamond like Tupac did because he’s the hottest person in what he’s doing…You can’t turn on the TV and not see this dude and he really don’t give a fvck.”

However, none of that means he’s voting for Trump. “If I had to vote,” he said, “it wouldn’t be for him…It’s just bad.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Jeezy opened up about YG’s growth, Jay Z’s advice, and Trap or Die 3, which is set to arrive Oct. 28. See more highlights from the full interview below.


ON DONALD TRUMP: “For the Republican party, they’re boring old people who just count their money,” he added. “He’s giving them something they never had: excitement. He’s rebellious. This man called Hillary Clinton the devil. I wouldn’t call my auntie that. He don’t give a fvck. But I just think it shows you where we’re at…that that’s a presidential candidate.”

ON BARACK OBAMA: “It just makes me see how great Barack Obama was. I didn’t have to second guess, not because he’s black but because he’s a man’s man. He’s a class act. He’s a real guy. He practices real morals.”

ON HILLARY CLINTON REACHING OUT: “Absolutely. She’s reached out several times.”

ON CHURCH IN THESE STREETS : “Ni**as was trippin’. They called me like, ‘You in the hood shooting a video with a pastor suit? What you doing?’ They was mad. I don’t think they understood my position.”

ON YG’S GROWTH: “He wanted it. I went to his show last night and he’s getting better. He understands it. He knows what YG is now. This is somebody I had to sit down, move to Atlanta, and really talk him through shit and fix things. When him and DJ Mustard didn’t understand what was going on, I was like, ‘My man. I already been through this with Shawty Redd. Don’t fvck up the money.’ It ain’t about y’all. It’s about the fans.’”

ON TRAP OR DIE 3: “Collectively, for me, it’s one of my best bodies of work. That Trap or Die shit, I didn’t want to touch unless it was right.”

ON JAY Z NOT BEING ON TOD3 : “I played it for him. He was like, ‘What I’ma do? You’re straight. If you need me, I’m there.’ It’s one of them things where I feel like it can’t get no better. If you told me to take a song off the tracklist, that’s like picking kids.”

ON SHAWTY LO: “I don’t think a lot of people know how important he was to the city, how he was a staple in the community. He was the westside dude who really wasn’t scared.”

ON BANKROLL FRESH: “I wanted to get in to at least mentor the situation because I saw where it was going. I doubt he would have signed to anybody because he was his own guy and had his own label…I just wanted to help.”

ON REUNITING WITH SHAWTY REDD: “I don’t like to follow trends or ride waves. I like to create. We started creating this sound y’all love in a basement. We didn’t even have a studio. The first album did 2 million. With this, I wanted to create. I didn’t want to go get whoever’s hot. It’s me. Everybody in they bag from Shawty Redd to D. Rich.”


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