Is Jay Z Promoting New Album Via Tidal “4:44” Ads?

Is Jay Z Promoting New Album Via Tidal “4:44” Ads?

Is Jay Z Promoting New Album Via Tidal “4:44” Ads?

All signs point to Jay Z prepping a new album for release this year, his first since 2013’s highly questionable Magna Carta Holy Grail .
He’s headlining a number of festivals this September, starting with his own Made In America, and longtime collaborator Swizz Beats recently teased a new Jay project. And now Jay’s streaming service Tidal is running some mysterious ads that just might be promoting his forthcoming LP.

Recently, fans have noticed ads with the number 4:44 being plastered around New York City, and some believe it’s the sign of a new album from Jigga. “The 4:44 has popped up on music sites and the add is sourced and paid for by tidal. Then it’s popped up all over NYC the past hour or two,” one fan documented on Twitter,noting the sign’s presence in New York City’s Time Square.

Another fan tweeted out the joy they felt about the prospect of a new Jay album, posting an image of the 4:44 sign along with, “New Jay Z album? 4:44. I’M READY.” Can’t say we blame them, because we’re ready too.

Another interesting post came when a social media user said she noted an alert for a casting call for a Jay Z video. “Saw a casting for a Jay-Z video here in LA. So you know what that mean,” she tweeted.

As several hyped-up Jigga fans have pointed out on Twitter, inspecting the source code for Complex’s version of the banner reveals multiple apparent references to the company. The URL for the image contains the text “tidal-444.” We’ve screenshotted a bit of the Tidal source code below.

It’s worth noting that the source code for other banners currently
running on Complex also contains references to whatever company is behind the ads, in a similar placement to the “Tidal” in the 4:44 code. The code for a Miller High Life banner, for instance,reads “MHL EL Equity Champagne.”

Last but definitely not least, the word “Superhero” makes multiple
appearances throughout the code. Naturally, this led to the suggestions this might be the actual title of the LP.


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