Apple Music Reportedly Decreasing Their Subscription Prices

Apple Music is reportedly considering a price drop for their subscriptions. Apple Music subscribers rejoice.

According to sources working closely with the company, Apple Music is reportedly considering implementing a drop in their price for subscriptions. The move, which may cost the corporation a sizable amount of money in the short term, is a way of dealing with the low undercutting prices of Amazon Music. If Apple Music exclusives are a thing of the past ,then lower prices are probably necessary to get people hyped again.

Streaming wars and rivalries seems to have set the industry amok, with Kanye West recently lashing out at Jay-Z onstage for allowing the Tidal-Apple beef to stand in the way of the music. Without Kanye to have its back, Tidal would possibly take a huge loss if Apple Music significantly undercut its subscription price. We’ll keep you posted.


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