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Tee Grizzley – Colors
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It’s a good week for Tee Grizzley fans. Two days after joining Lil Reese on “Ready 4Real,” the Detroit rapper dropped a single of his own Thursday night called “Colors.”

Gearing up to release his debut album, Activated, Grizzley first shared a video snippet of the piano-heavy single on Twitter this weekend.

Speaking with XXL about what fans should expect on the rest of Activated, Grizzley said the album will reflect the hard-nosed nature of his come-up in Detroit.

“When people hear my music, they ain’t really hearing about no shiny stuff, the glamorous life,” he explained. “They’re going to hear that gritty, slum. It’s a dark cloud over my city. I’ve been through it and I’ma tell you in detail. A lot of people just ride past the slums in their music. Boarded-up trap houses, cars parked on the grass. I’m going to take you into those houses, into the minds of the people that’s in those houses.”

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Tee Grizzley – Colors

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