VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Watch Jay Z & Beyonce Bring Out Hillary Clinton In Cleveland (Complete With Airhorn)

Jay Z and Beyonce welcome “the next President of the United States” to the stage in Ohio.

Jay Z and Beyonce held a special “Get Out The Vote” concert in Cleveland last night, and seeing that the whole thing was sponsored by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it was only right that the presidential candidate made an appearance.

Bey had kind words for Clinton during her performance. “I want my daughter to see a woman lead the country and know that her possibilities are limitless,” she said. “We have to think about the future of our daughters, our sons, and vote for someone who cares for them as much as we do. And that’s why I’m With Her.”

Later on, Jay spoke out against Trump, but kept his criticisms fairly reeled in. “This other guy, I don’t have any ill will towards him, but his conversation is divisive, and that’s not an evolved soul to me,” he offered. “He can not be my president. Once you divide us, you weaken us, we are stronger together.”

At that point, Jay brought his preferred candidate to the stage.
“Without further ado, I introduce to you, the next President of the Unites States, Miss Hillary Clinton,” he said as the DJ threw in some comical airhorn effects to welcome Hillary to the stage.

Chance The Rapper , J. Cole , and Big Sean also made appearances at the show to show support for Hillary. They were subsequently thanked in Clinton’s speech.

Watch Jay and Bey’s comments, as well as Hillary’s address below.




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