Tyga Criticized For Neglecting His Pet Tiger

Tyga is getting slammed for neglecting his illegal pet tiger.

If you remember back in April of 2014, Tyga was forced to take his pet tiger to a non-profit sanctuary after finding out that he was being kept captive illegally in his California home. Well it turns out, once Tyga dropped off the tiger (named Maverick), he never looked back, and now the non-profit sanctuary is calling out the former YMCMB rapper for abandoning him.

TMZ reports that the rescue company, Lions, Tigers & Bears, claims that caring for the 500-lb tiger has been a financial burden for them, with costs of food, vet, and general maintenance nearing $10,000 a year in total.

Staff members at the rescue center reportedly say that Tyga has not thanked the facility in any way, nor has he given any money to care for the animal he apparently cherished and ultimately abandoned.

However on the bright side, at least the tiger is healthy and doing well.


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