The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’ Album: TOM Review

Well, it’s nothing more than the new album Starboy. This album is supposed and planned to release on 25th of this November by the Republic Records and XO and moreover, everyone is waiting DESPERATELY! Starboy album includes 18 songs in total and the length of the entire is 68 minutes and 40 seconds. With the 18 songs in a single album, Starboy is listed in one of the lengthiest albums. The Convay Recording Studios Hollywood, California is the studio that is used to record these songs.

The producer of any album is considered to be the most respectful and powerful personality and that why Starboy album has got 22 producers in total. Now, we should proceed towards the songs of this album.

The Starboy tune is the title music of this album presenting Daft Punk. Well, the writers are Thomas Bangalter, Abél Tesfaye,guy- Manuel de Homem-Christo, Martin McKinney, and Russell Walter. The entire top writers have shared their talent to construct this three:50 lengthy music. I feel so as to be a particularly satisfying song.

Party Monster
This 4 minutes and 11 seconds song is written by Tesfaye, McKinney, Lana Del Rey, Benjamin Diehl, and Ahmad Balshe. So, we can just wait to see what will be IN the song.

False Alarm
This track appears to be a sort of humorous but as mentioned, we can just wait to see what this music is gonna provide us. This track contains 3:50 lengthy music plus lyrics blend. The writers incorporate McKinney, Tesfaye Diehl, Balshe, Emmanuel Nickerson and Walter.

Nickerson, Tesfaye, McKinney, Jason Quenneville, and Walter are the frontend writers of this song 3 minutes and 38-second long song.

This 3:52 lengthy song’s lyrics is written by Ali Payami, Tesfaye, Max Martin, Balshe, Savan Kotecha, Peter Svensson. The entire review will definitely be provided after the 25th of November. Sir Dylan and Cirkut are the additional producers of this song.

Tesfaye and McKinney are the common writers in almost all the songs so from now I will not be mentioning their names. Well, this 4:25 lengthy song’s lyrics are written by Walter, Ronald Orzabal, J. Marions, M. Skill, and P. Solley.

True Colors
William Thomas Walsh, Brittany Hazzard, Benjamin Levin and Samuel Wishkoshi are the leading writers of “True Colors”. Writers have organized the lyrics of this song in 3 minutes and 26 seconds.

Stargirl Interlude

This shortest song of the album Starboy features Lana Del Rey in its play. This song covers only 1 minutes and 51 seconds and the team of writers includes MsKinney, Timothy McKenize, and Del Rey.

Generally speaking, it’s 3 minutes and 51 seconds lengthy track featuring Kendrick Lamar. The lyrics are written by Daniel Wilson, Ali Shaheed Jones-Muhammad, Robert John Richardson and Kendrick Duckworth.

Six Feet Under
This 3:57 lengthy song is hand written by Walter, Quenneville,Leland Wayne, DaHeala Wilburn, Balshe,Diehl, Nayvadius, Tesfaye, and McKinney.

Love to Lay
Love to Lay’s lyrics is written by Tesfaye, Svensson, Martin,Balshe, and Kotecha. These professional writers settled up this song to be 3 minutes and 43 seconds.

A Lonely Night

“A Lonely Night” needs 3:40 minutes to play and the lyrics of this song are written by Tesfaye, Svensson, Balshe,Quenneville and Martin. Well, this song seems to be quite an emotional one, but still, we can’t say anything about the nature of this song.

Attention is on the thirteenth number in the list and is written by Tesfaye, Høiberg, Walsh, Mustafa Ahmed, Levin, and Adam Feeney who have taken this song to 3 minutes and 17 seconds.

Ordinary Life
Tesfaye, Svensson, Kotecha, Martin, Balshe, Walter, and McKinney have already written the song’s lyrics and now, the wait is only of the 25th November. I just can’t wait to let my ears listen to this album.

Nothing Without You
Same writers along with the additional of Thomas Pentz and these professionals has settled the lyrics 3:18 long. The producers of this song are different actually. Diplo, DaHeala, Cirkut, and Ben Billions are the producers of this song.

All I know
This song is actually featuring Future and is confidently written
by almost the same writers that I have mentioned above. The producer Metro Boomin is new here. This song is the longest song and covers 5 minutes and 21 seconds of the entire album.

Die For You
Wiggins and Prince 85 are new writers so far and being a writer, Prince 85 also have played a role of producer in this song. The song overall covers 4:20 minutes of entire album.

I Feel It Coming

I literally wanna listen this BIG album. Bangalter, de Homen-Christo, Tasfaye, McKinney, Eric Chedeville, and Walter are the professional writers of this song. This song is the last in the list and it covers 4 minutes and 29 minutes of the whole album total length.


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