The Game Wants New Trial For Sexual Assault Case

The Game isn’t happy with the outcome of his trial.


You may recall we reported that The Game was ordered to pay $7 million by a court after he was found liable for forcibly reaching “his hand inside [a woman’s] dress to rub her bare vag!na and buttocks.” It’s been reported by TMZ that The Game is very unhappy with this verdict, and feels he deserves a re-trial.

The Compton rapper has filed a motion to the judge demanding another tiral, alleging that the evidence does not justify the massive amount he’s being charged. He wants another trial, or for the $7 million fee to be slashed. Also, the Game was never actually present in court because of a reported tooth infection, so he wants a chance to defend himself in person.

Do you think The Game deserves another trial date? Let us know in the comments below.


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