The Game Says Next Album , “Westside Story,” Will Probably Be His Last

The Game announces “Westside Story,” which may be his last album.

The Game has released eight albums. Will his ninth album be his last?

While performing a show at Bud Arena in Moscow, Russia earlier this week, he revealed that his next album will be called Westside Story and it will “probably” be his last hurrah.

“When I get back to LA, I’m going straight to jail because I fucking had a fight with a police officer and shit,”  he said. “So I’m gonna sit down for a bit and write my next album, which is probably gonna be my last album. It’s called Westside Story, it’s gonna be some ill shit.”

He added that he that the fact he was in Russia (for the second time) blew his mind. “I’m from fucking Compton, man. Never in my life when I was a kid thought. that I would be performing in Russia. I didn’t even know what the fvck Russia was when I was a little kid.”

Given the history of artists like Jay Z and Lupe Fiasco, any rap retirement announcements must be taken with a grain of salt. Watch Game’s announcement below


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