Rick Ross Wins A Landmark Lawsuit Over “Mastermind” Album

Rick Ross just won a trademark lawsuit over a rapper who claimed that he infringed on his mastermind moniker by using it as the name of his album.

Ross used the name Mastermind for his sixth studio album that came out in 2014. The United States District Court for the Central District of California disagreed with the plaintiff and ruled in favor of Ricky Rozay and Universal Music Group.

The plaintiff didn’t reap a dime out of the millions he was seeking in damages.

“When claims are made against our clients, we litigate them very
aggressively,” Ross’ attorney Leron E. Rogers said after the court decision was made. “We are happy that the court not only ruled in Ross and Universal’s favor, but also took the extra step to cancel Plaintiff’s trademark.”

The 40-year-old Miami rapper is now free to work on his ninth studio album. He announced at the American Music Awards that it would be titled Rather You Than Me .


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