Oh Wizkid…what a child! (my response …hehe)


So my darling little ‘friend’ Wizkid came on my IG page this
morning to blast me for writing yesterday that he was given
quit notice at the Lekki home he claimed he bought some
years ago, which he actually rented. He threatened to beat
me up…called me an ugly old bitch…(I’m ugly? lol) says I
don’t have a man (crying over that..) and called my mum a
loser…(what a child).
Anyway, all that don’t matter, people have said worse to
me…what I wanted to address is the part where he said I
slept with his director and he left me in a hotel…that one I
will definitely want to address because some people
actually believe it. That my dear friends, is a lie! Please
First and foremost, I’ve never met Wizkid one on one. I’ve
only seen him once in real life on stage at a show a few
years ago. I’ve never met anybody who is his director.
Guess he put that line in his comments to defame me. You
that mad that people now know the house is not yours?
Trust me, if I knew someone was Wizkid’s director, I’d
rather kill myself than sleep with him or any other
entertainer for that matter (except maybe he’s my
husband..hehe) because I know how some of these
entertainers are…they kiss and tell a lot. You can’t afford
to be messing around in their circle. So, no, I have NEVER
slept with Wizkid’s director. I live a celibate life..most of
the time. (Though, that has to end soon…I’m getting old
and missing out on that part of life…lol)
I’ve always been an advocate of women respecting their
bodies and owning their own. And I feel sex should only
happen when you’re in committed relationship (that is if
you can’t wait till marriage) and I recommend celibacy for a
long as you’re not committed to someone. There’s
absolutely no dignity in sleeping around and messing
around with different men. It’s ugly and God don’t like ugly.
So no, I’m not that woman, and will never be that woman.
Nice try, Wizkid!
Having said that, I’m sure, you wonder why Wizkid is so
mad at me? To be honest, I don’t know either. All I know is
that his beef with me started a long time ago but he
decided to start bashing me online after I refused a meeting
with him. A few months ago, he asked his PR people to
contact me, that he wanted to talk to me. For some reason,
he thought I didn’t like him and I was hurting his image
online. He wanted to see how I could write more positive
things about him but I turned down the meeting. Not that I
have anything against him, I sincerely don’t! I think he’s an
amazing talent and one of the few music stars in Nigeria
with a midas touch. So this wasn’t personal. I just didn’t
want to meet him. If he lobbies me then it means I won’t be
able to write anything about him anymore…and my job is
to write…about everything, including entertainers.
I am cordial with some of them…many of them I have
never met. I try to stay away from gatherings where they
are because the more friends you make in the
entertainment industry, the less you can write. And that will
inadvertently affect your work. The few ones that I call
acquaintances, it’s hard to write about them because you
feel you’re cool with them and even when you write, they
call you to complain. So, the fewer ‘friends’ I have in the
entertainment industry, the better my job will be.
So Wizkid can bash me all he wants…but I will continue to
do my job. Maybe he thinks the more he bashes me, then I
will stop writing about him? Won’t work. But meanwhile, if
he tells a lie about me, I will address it. LIB plans to be
around for a long time…some of these people will come
and go! :-).
Thanks everyone and Wizkid fans for reading my response.
Oh and by the way, did I mention that his Porsche car is
also on hire purchase? Oh shit, I just mentioned that! And
no, darling, you’re not 25! We know your real age! Continue
to have an amazing career while I watch and continue to
celebrate you.


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