Fetty Wap Is Being Sued By Former Remy Boy P -Dice For More Than $ 7 Million

Fetty Wap’s former running mate is suing him in excess of $7 million.

Fetty Wap has done his best to distance himself from once-Remy Boyz crew member P-Dice, but the dude is persistent. Today a report has surfaced that P-Dice is suing Fetty over the record “679,” alleging Fetty scrapped him from the song purposefully to avoid a pay-out.

This isn’t Fetty’s first lawsuit either, he’s been fielding them quite
frequently since “Trap Queen’ made him a mainstream commodity. In September, he faced a lawsuit over his hit single as well. “679” followed “Trap Queen” and was equally successful in his catchy melodic nature (and platinum achievements). P-Dice claims that Fetty verbally agreed to give him a writing credits, and 16.9% of the profits of the record. However he says,after they were done recording, Fetty removed his part and reduced his profits to 5%. It’s the edited version of the record that landed on Fetty’s #1-debuting self-titled album.

P-Dice is suing Fetty Wap for damages in excess of $7 million. Do you think he has a case?

Head back to happier times with the Remy Boyz Crew Love video below.



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