EM MUSIC: Ice Prince Rapper’s loyalty to Chocolate City is a modelfor the industry


Loyalty is a rarity in the Nigerian music industry. Theindustry is fraught with loads of heart wrenching tales about the lack of it

.All around, at every strat a of the music business, there’s disloyalty. From the creation of the music, through to the promotion and marketing, and sales, revenue sharing and branding, loyalty is hard to find.The music business is a ruthless world, kept in balance by greed and ambition, with the quest for financial gain being the ultimate modus operandi for everyone. With the focus on wealth, and the competitive nature, certain ideals get eroded in the rush for lucre.



That’s why the record label vs artiste relationship is such a dicey one, and also the producer-artiste relationship is akin to walking on a tight rope. Loyalty is hard to find.It is in this space that Ice Prince stands out.

The singer’s contract had expired three years ago, but hekept up the public façade, maintaining the label branding on all his work.

Tobi Sanni Daniel, CEO ofState of Mind Entertainment, who is Ice Prince’s manager shared the story behind the situation, and it was really touching stuff. t‘Ice Prince has not been in a contractual relationship with Chocolate City for the past three years’. He told NET.


The rapper has been with Choc City for almost eight years now, his initial five-year contract expired three years ago, but he chose to stay with the label and not renew his contract. Explaining further, Tobi says,‘Just like everything in life, growth happened, there was a rise in his profile that has necessitated a rise in financial value and id very expensive for any label in Nigeria to afford and it didn’t make sense to attempt to stretch the company that far, but the last three years has been very cordial’.

He continued, ‘We chose to stay with the label even without signing papers because we understood the essence of loyalty, we are matured and we are one big family’. ‘So let me clarify once again that no one walked out of a contract, Audu will always remain his godfather and MI Abaga will always remain his mentor’.



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