David Karolox Pens An Open Letter To M.I Abaga (READ)

David Karolox Pens An Open Letter To M.I Abaga (READ)

President of MagTrendz Worldwide, David Karolox wrote an open letter to the Rap Legend, M.I Abaga. 

You came into the music industry in the least conventional way possible. A boy who sought an old love for music, recovered it when I heard your song “Crowd Mentality”, along the line I loved you because I was focused on your music.

You were young, I watched you turn the stage to a crowd mentality, I heard some artists diss you…but you finally here, despite the feelings. Looking back now, with the knowledge I have of your feelings then, I noticed your really a Rap Legend in the music industry.

But I still don’t understand how you were able to outshine some legends in a track like “Over Killing It”, I can never thank you enough for feeding my brain with lots of vocabularies, making me know the likes of Boogey, Efa, 5Mics, X.O Senavoe, these are dope rappers you know, men double your age couldn’t do that and its one of the main reasons why you inspire me to be better.

I heard your song on one of the most tragic moments in my life, I really felt great after listening to “Nobody” if it could change my mood then, I could bet it worked on many others. I wasn’t innocent, people were hurt in my path to know who you were (Been dey cram your lyrics, especially slow down) used to rap with it, they keep feeling I own them.

Your music, is the music of dreams, its the fairy tale music little girls hear in their dreams and other artists swear it doesn’t exist. Your music carries me through the bad days, Good Days, the emotionally draining days, and everyday in between. Everything I’ve done in my past made sense when I started listening to your music, Every other artist wasn’t you, Every other artist didn’t give me that sound the way you do.

Thank you very much M.I Abaga

Yours, And nobody else’s

David Karolox


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