Black 18 year old teen shot and killed by the Police in Chicago

An 18 year old Chicago black teen, Paul O’Neal who was in a
stolen car was being chased by the police and fatally shot in the
back. In the video above, after the police chase, the teen ran out of
the car and was chased on foot by cops who eventually apprehended him and cuffed his arms, with blood oozing from his
back. Initially the police didn’t know the teen had been shot, when
they realized he had been shot, they all became confused and
asked each other who may have shot the teenager. Rather than call for the medics, they were seen in the videos on their body camera trying to figure out who shot the boy. One of them was even worried that he would be on desk duty for the next
30 days.

Videos from the fatal shooting of Paul O’Neal by Chicago police
show a succession of apparent procedural errors, including police
shooting at a fleeing vehicle with other officers in harm’s way. In a
video that was released by the Police on August 5th, one of the police men who thought that he shot the 18 year old could be
heard saying that he had no idea whether the 18-year-old was

Comments from that officer caught on video indicate he may have
erroneously thought O’Neal had fired from a stolen car barreling in
his direction. In fact, those shots were fired in the officer’s direction by other police shooting at the stolen car in apparent
violation of departmental policy.

Click here to watch the full length video.


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