Birdman Shares Photos Of His Children Posing With Lil Wayne

Birdman Shares Photos Of His Children Posing With Lil Wayne

Is this a sign of a reconciliation or another misleading message from the Cash Money founder?

Birdman and Lil Wayne have been in the midst of a $51 million legal battle for over 2 years, and as of last week, Wayne was still yelling “fvck Cash Money!” at his shows. This makes Birdman’s most recent Instagram post all the more curious.

On Friday night, the Cash Money co-founder posted photos of his children, Bryan Jr. and Bria, posing with a widely grinning Wayne during the Rolling Loud festival in Miami, UPROXX reports. The assumption could be made that these photos indicate a reconciliation between Wayne and Birdman, but if that’s the case, why is Birdman himself not pictured?

It seems probable that Wayne, who looked at Birdman as a father figure throughout his career, is still on good terms with his children. There’s nothing to indicate that Birdman took these photos or was even in the room when they were snapped. If that’s the case, the photos really don’t prove anything about the relationship between Bird and Weezy.

In interviews, Birdman has generally downplayed the beef between himself and Wayne, always remaining confident that he and Wayne will work things out. Wayne has not been so optimistic about reconciling, especially if he’s not paid what he feels he’s owed.

So the question remains: is this a sign that Birdman and Wayne are finally working things out, or another one of Birdman’s attempts to make things seem harmonious between the two?



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