14 year old girl hailed a hero by family members for killing her father

A 14-year-old girl, Bresha Meadows, has been arrested and jailed
in the Trumbull County Family Court in Ohio. Bresha is facing aggravated murder charges for killing her own father, 41 year old
Jonathan Meadows, but her family says she did it to protect her
mother and her family. Bresha Meadows has been accused of
shooting her father with his own gun in their Warren home at 4
am on July 28.

Her mother called 911 right after the shooting took place

The girl’s mother Brandi Meadows said:

“She is my hero; I wasn’t strong enough to get out and she
helped me,”.

With tears streaming down her face, Brandi Meadows said that her
husband abused her for years but that she had endured it and was
afraid to leave.

She said she had filed for a protective order five years ago against
her husband but later dismissed it.

She said:
“I am so sorry she had to go through this,” Brandi said
Thursday. “She is my hero. She helped me; she helped all
of us so we could have a better life.”

The Bresha’s attorney, Ian Friedman, said Bresha is a child that
faced years of abuse at the hands of her father, and that she witnessed her mother being abused severely by her father. “She wanted to protect her Mom,” “Using that gun around the house, to intimidate everyone in the home was terrifying.”

Friedman said. Bresha allegedly used her father’s gun to shoot
him. Family members say the father often threatened them with
that very gun she killed him with.

Ian Friedman, attorney for the Meadows family, said Bresha was
born into an abusive home and often witnessed her mother being
abused at the hands of her father.

He said that the father would often drink, and used the firearm to
keep those living in the house afraid of him. Martina Latessa, Bresha’s aunt, who is a Cleveland police officer, said the 15 year old had no history of violence.

“From day one she was born into a nightmare,” Latessa said.

She said her brother-in-law was very controlling and would not let
her visit other family members. She said that at the end of May Bresha ran away from home and came to her house.

“She was begging me for help.” “She was very, very scared for her
mother and sisters.” Latessa said, she said she took the teen to
Warren police and talked to an officer. She said she also contacted
Trumbull County Department of Job and Family Services but the
authorities insisted they could not act against Johnathan.

Juvenile prosecutor Stanley Elkins said:

“We want to get at the truth and see that justice is served,” Elkins said. “Anybody who has any information or reports should contact Warren Police.”

Jonathan Meadows’ family members gathered to bid farewell the
father on Friday, and rejected claims that he was violent towards
his family.

‘This had nothing to do with abuse,’ his brother, James Blount, said. ‘No. He drank a little bit, he had the way he did things, but my brother wouldn’t.’

Other family members said they want to know what happened inside the home.

‘That’s what’s so disheartening… this was cold and calculated, my brother was murdered,’

Jonathan’s sister Lena Cooper, said:

‘He was murdered in his sleep, there were no signs of abuse or anything else in that house.’

Bresha Meadows is due back in court at the end of August.
The mother’s family has started a Go Fund Me page to help pay
for Bresha’s defense.

Source: Fox 8


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