Photo: Catholic Priest disrobed after he was discovered to have married two wives

54 year old Very Reverend Father Peter Zuni of the Queen of Apostles Catholic Church, Kakuri parish, Kaduna State, was recently disrobed and sacked by the Archbishop of the Kaduna
Archdiocese, Bishop Ndagoso Manoso (pictured above) after his
secret wife stormed the church to disclose her secret relationship
with the Catholic priest.

The news came as a shock to the church because according to the
doctrine of the Catholic Church, only unmarried men are ordained
into the priesthood as they are obligated to swear to an oath of
celibacy and observe perfect and perpetual service for the sake of
the kingdom of heaven. This, it is believed, would enable the priests to easily remain close to Christ with an undivided heart,
and dedicate themselves more freely to the service of God and the

According to The Sun , one of the wives is already late while the
surviving one who blew the whistle about three weeks ago over the secret marriage is said to be nursing a child for the embattled

Speaking on the development, the Archbishop of Kaduna Catholic
Diocese, Bishop Ndagoso Manoso said Father Zuni’s second wife
had approached him in his office with a baby and claimed Zuni was the father of her child. After due investigation by his office, it was confirmed that the priest was her secret husband.

“It is very unfortunate that this thing had to happen in my diocese.
It is not an easy thing for me; if I tell you what I have been going
through in the past few weeks over this issue; it has not been easy for me. Father Zuni was my classmate; we spent seven years in
the seminary. At a time he proceeded to Kaduna Polytechnic and
read Accounting.

But this thing happened and nobody knew. But he has to face the
sanction. We sacked and disrobed him because what he did is no
longer compatible with his vocation as a priest. It was not true that
he was transferred to any village. He was about to be transferred
on normal routine, but when I heard of this story, I had to cancel
the transfer and sacked him. It is true that he had affairs with two
women and they both had children for him, but one of the women
is late already. We are not God, we did not know on time until now
that he was having affairs with two women. The church said the
priest has to go because the church doesn’t allow priests to
marry. So he had to go and look after his children and his matrimonial home. You can now imagine what the priest is going
through, either spiritually or psychologically. He must be going
through hell on earth. This is my concern for him now. The woman
and the kids will be going through trauma also. I have been trying
to see how I can help him, but I don’t think I have the skills to help
him. But he needs help to come to terms with reality. By December
he will be 30 years in the priesthood, and he is now 54 years old,
so at this age what can he do with his life. Nobody can employ him now. He spent seven years in the seminary and 30 years in the priesthood, and that is 37 years, so what can he do with his life
at 54? The church too is going through a lot of trauma, so we need
everybody’s prayers for us to put this incident behind us.”he said
in tears Meanwhile the man in the eye of the storm, Father Zuni, has neither denied nor confirmed the allegation. In a telephone
interview he said

“I find it difficult myself to believe what people are saying about
me. I will not comment on it now. I will follow due process to invite
you for an interview, but I am afraid, the newspaper of the archdiocese, The Cross News, may carry this story before you
(Sunday Sun)”.


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