EM NEWS: 265 Persons Dead, 1,140 Others Injured In Failed Turkey Coup


No less than 265 people were killed in an attempted coup on Friday night across Turkey, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, said on Saturday.

Speaking at a news conference, Yildirim also said about 1,440 people had been injured and 2,839 military personnel had been detained.

According to Yildirim, the death toll included coup plotters, pro-government forces and civilians.The army’s acting chief of staff, Umit Dundar had earlier told a news conference that 47 civilians and 104 “coup plotters” were killed after a faction of the Turkish armed forces attempted to overthrow the government.General Dundar, who was appointed overnight after his predecessor was allegedly kidnapped, said those who took part in the coup “will not go unpunished”.

“The attempt to overthrow the government was thwarted by those who “sided with democracy and the rule of law”, he said.“The people have taken to the streets and voiced their support for democracy.”“Turkey displayed a historic cooperation between thegovernment and the people. The nation will never forget this betrayal.”“Our people should have no concern, that the era of coups and juntas has come to a close, never to be opened again.”

Also speaking at a separate news conference in Istanbul after arriving to the capital from the coastal city of Marmaris, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the attempt to push him from power was “an act of treason” and that those behind the plot would “pay a heavy price”.

He said he intended to stay with his “people” and not go anywhere.“Shortly after I left [Marmaris] I have been told they bombed the locations where I was,” he told reporters. “I assume they thought I was still there when they bombed those places.”Meanwhile, citizens have taken to the streets of Istanbul, lining the sides of major roads and holding the red and white Turkish flag in support of the civilian government andagainst the coup attempt.


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