David Mark reacts to the Panama report, denies owning any offshore company in the British Virgin Island


Former Senate President David Mark, has released a
statement, denying claims in the Panama report that he
owned eight offshore companies in British Virgin Island.
Premiumtimes on Tuesday April 5th, reported that an
investigation carried out by them and the International
Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), showed that
the former senate president was the owner of eight
offshore companies in the Island. In his response, Mark in
denying the claim, said some political elements were out to
tarnish his image. Read his statement after the cut
“Our attention has been drawn to spurious Media
reports on the Panama papers in which former
President of the Senate, Senator David Mark was
alleged to have operated offshore companies. For
the avoidance of doubt, in the released materials of
the Panama Leaks, his name is not listed anywhere
in the database of Mossack Fonseca Law Firm.
We reiterate categorically, that he is not directly or
indirectly connected to any of the companies
registered, operated or managed by the Mossack
Fonseca Law Firm. We challenge all those behind
this propaganda and Media outburst to prove or
show that Senator Mark’s name was mentioned in
the leaks. He is prepared to stand and defend
himself against any accusation in relation to this
matter. Senator Mark’s Media team has carried out
its own search of the Mossack Fonseca database
and found no statement, item or any connection to
Senator David Mark or his Family. It follows that
there is no record whatsoever of any impropriety or
We recall that in his quest for Senate Presidency in
2007, there was an attempt to bring a similar issue
to the fore in order to stop him. So what are their
fears now in 2016 for regurgitating the same issue?
Once more, Senator Mark has distanced himself
and any member of his family from the said
Mossack Fonseca Firm and has no affiliation
whatsoever with any company operated, registered
or managed by Mossack Fonseca. Senator Mark
has not contravened any laws of the land and he is
treating this for what it is, an attempt to blackmail
and tarnish his hard earned image by some political
elements.As a public officer, Senator Mark has
maintained a high level of decorum, respects and
observes the laws of the land and believes in the
sanctity of the rule of law. He will not be distracted
by what is clearly a deliberate mischief and
Records of all his assets are available with the
relevant government agencies and can be
verified.He has consulted his legal team and will
take this up accordingly.


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