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Tyga - Boss Up
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Tyga is coming off the release of his b!tch Im The Shit 2 mixtape back in July, which featured guest appearances from Pusha T , Kanye West , Young Thug, Quavo, and more, but he’s already prepping its follow up. A couple weeks ago, Tyga teased a “singing” album on social media when he shared a clip of him singing some untraditional high notes on IG and tweeting out “ya’ll think I’m playing that singing album coming soon.”

Leaving the raps alone, Tyga delivers a more slow tempo melodic R&B ballad that finds him showing off his vocals and crooning about his bitches “bossin up,” just as the title depicts. “I love it when you boss up yeah, call the shots yeah/ When you tell me come through, I pull up, hop out/ cause I love it when you boss up yeah/ call the shots yeah when you tell me how you want it Im Tupac yeah” he sings on the chorus.

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Tyga – Boss Up


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