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Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic
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Looks like Earn is getting himself in trouble again. The allure of “Summertime Magic” rests on the accurate timing of a summer fling. No more no less visible than in the eyes of “Chico” when he gets the sweet lowdown from Tony Montana. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino keeps teasing the retirement of his moniker, because he’d rather reinvent himself than put us through the tedium of a sequel or third act. And yet, the Childish Gambino moniker persists months after he promised to pull it from the shelves.

On “Summertime Magic,” the first of two from his Summer Pack EP, Glover waxes less lyrical but finds solid footing as a singer once again. The opening measure of steel drum tells us right away, these are songs of not only summer, but of sleepless nights. Gambino hints at a type of romance driven by impulse and pure testosterone.

Childish retains both a political and less striking pose, even “This is America” is a catch-all record. He’d even debuted another record titled “Saturday” during his SNL appearance in the month of May, so this frenzied release does comes a bit of a surprise, but not a total one. As for his Childish moniker, only he knows when that time change will occur.

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