Eminem – Revival Album Download

Eminem – Revival Album Download

Eminem – Revival Album Download
Eminem – Revival Album Download

A couple months ago, rumors started circulating online that Eminem’s forthcoming 9th studio album, Revival, would be dropping November 17th, but as you know that unfortunately didnt happen as the day came and went and no album was dropped. But the site that originally started the rumor, Hits Double Daily, is now back with another projected release date for Em’s 9th album.

According to HDD, Revival is now projected to drop December 8th. “U2 is now expected on 12/1 and Eminem is believed to be coming on 12/8,” their page reads.

While the release date hasn’t been officially confirmed by Em or his camp, all signs are pointing that the album is right around the corner. Not only did Em drop off a new single with Beyonce called “Walk On Water” and perform on SNL this past weekend, but he also partook in a very rare interview on Shade 45 last week as well, which is imminent that he’s in promo mode for the album.

It should also be pointed that “Walk On Water” is no longer being promoted as Revival’s lead single on Em’s website thanks to one clever Reddit user. On November 10, it said the song was the “first single from his forthcoming album” and now, that part has been removed from the description. It’s unknown if we’ll get to hear another preview of the album before it arrives, but something tells me we will.

This report comes just days after Eminem called the fan who decoded the album title on Reddit. Slim Shady stan Tara received an impromptu call from the legendary Detroit emcee after she was the first to pick up on one of the “barely there” hints to his upcoming studio effort back in mid-October.

We’ll continue to keep you posted while we wait for an official announcement. Hopefully thats sooner than later though.

Full Eminem – Revival Album Download

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